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    Donation Site

    stuff4Free is a special website, it allows you to categorize your donation ads with keywords and locations.

    How does the site work

    • To give: everything is free, click on 'GIVE AN OBJECT' and let us guide you.
    • To retrieve an item: you can use the form to target your donation ad, once on contact the advertiser.
    • Agains consumerist model objets to give away sites are a good alternative, donate an object is an ecological gesture, given objects have a second life, it also permits to make some good savings.
    • Free English Site: this version of the site is English but international, you can post ads for anywhere in the world.

    Proximity Site

    stuff4Free encourages local donations, each ad is localized and allows users to find objects near them.

    Retrieving objects

    Contact the advertiser via email and arrange an appointment to retrieve the proposed object.